Linsday Lohan’s breast implants

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Linsday Lohan before breast augmentationLinsday Lohan after breast augmentation

This is not a celebrityplastic comment as usual. This one is to defend Linsday Lohan and to prove that her breasts are real. Ever since all this infatuation with plastic surgery began, every woman with normal breasts has become a suspect. One of the biggest arguments is that “they are fake, because they are too round”. So-what? What do think they should be? Round is a natural and correct shape of woman’s mammary gland which actually defines the form of your breast.

Millions of women are born with normal round breasts, believe it or not. And the size of breast has almost nothing to do with the body weight. The breasts are made up mainly of breast tissue, not fat.  The size of the breast tissue  depends on your genes, and may change as your hormone levels change during period, pregnancy, on the pill. As for fat tissue, if you overweight, then some of that extra fat may go to your breasts.

The belly though looks operated.

linsday lohan plastic surgery